Upcoming speaking and training with Allan Kelly

Allan Kelly live!

Agile development for startups

Title: Agile development for startups

Event: Tech City Coffee

When: 14 March

Time: 6pm

Where: WeWork, Soho, London

Booking: Meetup

URL: http://goo.gl/IH6jkA

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Planning for Value

Title: NorDevCon

Event: NorDevCon

When: 24 March 2017

URL: http://www.nordgoo.gl/8AC26J

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Agile for Business Analysts

Title: Agile for Business Analysts

Event: Learning Connexions

When: 20-21 April

Where: London

URL: https://www.learningconnexions.com/courses/Foundations-of-Agile-for-Business-Analysts/343

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Lean Product Manager

Title: Lean Product Manager

Event: Learning Connexions

When: 27-28 March 2017

Where: Holborn, London

URL: https://www.learningconnexions.com/courses/Lean-Product-Manager/432

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